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5. Internet Installations

Cable or DSL? Should I run wires or go wireless? Router or Access point? Internet Explorer or Mozilla? Many questions surround getting on the net which increase the chance that extra software and sometimes even harware will end up between you and your ultimate objective (getting on the internet quickly and safely). Short Solutions can help you make the right choices so that you eliminate that which you don't need to surf the web in peace.

6. Backup Solutions

Data protection is crucial for protecting your business's continuity or personal sanity. If your only data backup is on a computer, and the hard disk fails or is damaged by a power surge, your data is gone. For adequate data protection, you need to establish a data backup system that will allow you to sleep at night knowing that you can get back what could be lost.
The basic rule for business data protection is that if losing the data will interfere with doing business, back it up. The basic rule for personal data protection is if it will be missed and can't be reproduced another way, back it up.
You can reinstall software programs if you need to, but recovering the details of transactions, business correspondence or that picture you took on your last vacation is impossible if those files are lost or damaged beyond repair. Short Solutions will outline each of the steps needed so you can establish a data backup system that will effectively protect your critical business or personal data from disaster.

7. Hardware Disposal

Most businesses don't take into account the total cost of disposing of obsolete and unwanted hardware when tracking total cost of ownership (TOC). Even some large corporations are generally clueless when it comes to budgeting for disposal at the end of a PC's life cycle. In fact, the cost of getting rid of hardware such as a desktop computer often exceeds the income generated by selling the stuff. Among the costs associated with disposing of ancient hardware are the labor involved with disconnecting the PC from the network, backing up the data, scrubbing the drive of all data, and in some cases, reloading an operating system so the machine can be sold. Overhead costs range from shipping to processing paperwork.
Failing to plan for disposing of IT equipment can produce more than a headache. Short Solutions can often provide a more cost effective solution to this ever growing problem and help avoid potential, regulatory fines, bad publicity, and even litigation in regards to confidential data on hard drives. In some cases, we may even be able to consult on the future budgeting of this self replicating issue.