Business Services

Short Solutions will outline each of the steps needed so you can establish a data backup system that will effectively protect your critical business or personal data from disaster. We can also recommend, setup and test the proper harware and software to have your home or office Local Area network (LAN) running smoothly and securely.

Remote Support

If your computer is running slowly, has spyware or viruses, or simply just needs a tune up, Short Solutions Remote Control (SSRC) is the easy answer. By connecting to your computer remotely, we can see exactly what you see and fix most problems in less than an hour!

PC Repair/Upgrade

We will take the steps to troubleshoot PC issues accurately. Whether it's, a "dead" LCD screen, problems with your CD or DVD drive, or you want to determine if wireless is the way to go for your keyboard and mouse, Short Solutions can ask the right questions to get you the best fit for your future computing.

Spyware Removal

Processes run silently in the background of your computer and can harbour spyware and Trojans - violating your privacy and giving hackers free reign on your computer. Short Solutions can ferret out these useless processes and make your computer run safer and faster.

Where we serve

Short Solutions serves the Northern Virginia area with a tradition of quality service and a learned staff. The staff of Short Solutions take great pride in offering every client the absolute best in computer services, from a basic assessment of computer health, to a more complex assessment on computer networking design and implementaion.

What We Do

Short Solutions provides full service computer solutions to residential and small business clients. From Spyware/Virus prevention and removal, to WiFi Network design and setup, Short Solutions is dedicated to providing the right solution for the right challenge that you face. Why? Because we understand that all of our accolades and certifications mean nothing if we can't earn your trust and solve your problem.

How We Do it

Short Solutions stands ready to help you in the event of an computer related incident. By utilizing the computer forensic and electronic discovery tool BitFlare, a product by the Computer Forensics experts at SunBlock Systems we can preserve, recover and analyze hard drive data for internal investigations with full documentation should a matter proceed to litigation.

Get Started

No one wakes up in the morning planning to have a car accident, but they sometimes happen anyway. That's why we have auto insurance. We've taken the effort to plan on something bad happening with our cars, and we expect them to fail at some point. The same logic applies to caring for your computer. Your computer will fail at some point. The only question is how ready you'll be when it happens.

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